Packaging net is manufactured from hdpe and ldpe plastic granules and available in a wide range of mesh apertures, widths & colors. Packaging Nets have been specifically developed to offer excellent visibility of Product combined with high tear resistance and permeability.

Packaging Nets are the perfect way to pack and display loose goods such as nuts & confectionery. They are also ideal for Toys, candles, balls, Fruit & Vegetable, Sports goods, Toiletries, Loose goods and promotional items where different types of products are sold as a unit pack.

Cost effective & visually attractive, packaging nets offer containment and allow the contents to be seen and ventilated .This greatly reduces the risk of the Products being spoiled in storage and on display.


  • See through.
  • Light but tough.
  • In colors pleasing to the eye
  • Disposable
  • Ideal for packing fruits and vegetables
  • Available in bag form and in rolls
  • Flexible to take the shape of packing material.
  • Usable in deep-freeze and refrigerator
  • Made from FDA approved grades of polymers and colorants
  • Ideal for packing toys and confectioneries, sanitary items.
  • Infinite applications.
  • Ex-stock availability


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