Protective Sleeve is a range of extruded tubular plastic net sleeves that are ideal for shielding delicate objects through manufacture, storage, transport and protecting machine parts, sanitary, furniture, bottles and gas cylinders etc. The protective mesh sleeves have a considerable stretch, and so huge around irregular shapes, corners and curves to offer a cushioning protection to the external face. As the protective mesh sleeves are decorative, they can be used in industry, transport and retail.

Protective sleeve has special Feature of FILTER NET, which is suitable for Gas turbine filters, oil filter, water Filter, carbon block filter, gas filter etc.
Our products are well appreciated due to its high-quality & prompt service in various segments like Shaft , Gears, Pistons , Liners precision dyes & tools , powder coated surface , bushes , shock absorbers , tie rod end, bearings , automotive parts , bolts , fasteners, Threaded parts , Cutting tools ,Sanitary wares , Gas cylinders ,Fire extinguishers , Filter industries etc.


  • Professional look
  • Color coding
  • Convenient to use
  • Reduces labour cost
  • Won’t slip in transit or handling
  • Protects corner and edges
  • Less storage places & inventory
  • Reduce damage claim & return

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