Shrink Films

  • Shrink wrap films offers a wide range of presentation shrink films which meets the latest industry for retail packaging.
  • You can buy low cost shrink wrap for both food packaging & non food packaging products. Major application of Shrink wrap is in Food industries , fruit packing , cosmetics , stationery , pharmaceuticals , confectionery , DVD ,Cd gift hamper , children toys , sales par motion multipacks & many more applications.
  1. PVC low temperature shrinks film which can be shrunk using either a hand-held heat gun or a conveyor heat tunnel.( can be print also). 
  2. Polyolefin shrink film which requires a higher heat to shrink it must use a conveyor heat shrink tunnel. 
  3. Polyethylene (PE) in the form of Low Density Polythene (LDPE) is the best suited for Strength& multipack shrink wrap packaging. (can be print also)
  • Enhances the look of the package
  • Maintains product quality
  • Blocks dust and dirt
  • Tamper evident/resistant
  • Recyclable
  1. For Technical specification Shrink wrap films ,We always recommend our Shrink Films as per application of product , weight containing , thickness , size , strength , shelf life , quantity etc.
  2. Shrink labels: we can make customize shrink sleeves in any shape of bottle or container. Shrink sleeve can be made from PVC, PET, OPS etc. After seeing the container shape we can decide the material of shrink sleeve. If the container or bottle diameter varies more than 50% than we have to use PET or OPS shrink film because PVC do not have shrink capacity more than 50%. 
  3. We can print up to 9 colors of rotogravure printing in any type of shrink film. Rotogravure printed images looks very sharp than flexographic printing. Especially real photo images or any half tone effect looks very good in rotogravure printing. We can supply our products to our customer in the form of single pieces or in roll form. The perforation is helpful in full body shrink sleeves or when shrink band is applied only on the cap for temper proof than with the help of perforation the end customer can easily take out the shrink band. 
  4. To know the exact size of shrink sleeves we need physical sample of bottle or container. After we receive physical sample we decide material combination to be used. In some case if the shape of the bottle or container is uneven than sometime we have to change the design considering uneven shape. Please send us design by email and physical container / bottle sample.